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The law office  „ADVOCATUS”offers  the legal and accounting services and advices of high quality, as well as the  full accompaniment of your business in one of the European Union state- Republic of Latvia. The main office of our  bureau is situated in Riga.

Our counterparts works in many states of East and West Europe.The bureau has taken the decission to consolidate the law and accounting specialists after  Latvia joined the European Union, when there was a need of complex approach to the business management, control and personal taxation in the business environment developing rapidly and becoming more ruthless.

The lawyers of bureau, beginning with 2003, fulfilled the orders of many customers and continue to carry out the legal aid to many companies of Latvia, as well as foreign, which sphere of activity is industry, trade and providing services in the different areas of business. We provide services also to  natural persons.


In our clients behalf we performed  large –value transactions buying and selling companies, real estates , accompanied the loan issue, ensuring  them the full complect of services, including the conflict solutions  (pre-litigation disputes, court dispute resolution, disputes with public authorities, preparation of documents of all kinds, transactions with real estates, use of trade marks, copyright violations, the banking  and financial transactions, the sphere of insurance.

The volumes and  types of services provided by our bureau meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

To solve the problems of customers the bureau  invites  the sworn lawyers, sworn  notaries, sworn auditors,evaluators, experts and other specialists.

Our team consists of experienced and qualified specialists, having practice in the different spheres of law and economics. Beginning with the year 2007 our bureau  expands its  activity, offering not only  services of lawyer, accountants, economists, but also advisors of public relations, marketologists and the services of other specialists needed by our customers.

The bureau guerantee to each customer the professional, fair and individual approach solving  the occured  questions, situations and conflicts.

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